Group launch the activity of “work safety month” in 2017
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May 26, the Group issued a "2017" safety production month "program of activities", requiring safety production activities in the June 1, 2017 in the group of units in full swing. The theme of the event is "the full implementation of corporate safety production main responsibility."

The activities are divided into pre-publicity and comprehensive implementation of the two stages, including the development of grassroots security and civilized activities, to carry out "management on the main responsibility for production safety" and "safety management personnel on the main responsibility for production safety" activities, to carry out the typical experience Activities, to carry out hidden trouble investigation and management activities, to carry out security "micro-transmission" activities and a series of content.

To strengthen the "safety production month" activities of the organization and leadership, the company set up a "safety production month" activities leading group, chairman of the group Liu Guanghui, head general, general manager Hu Dan and deputy general manager Xu Hongren deputy head, other leaders Members of the department and the heads of the departments responsible for the group, is responsible for the group safety production activities, guidance, service, supervision, inspection, leading group office in the Group Safety and Quality Department, responsible for specific guidance, coordination of various units, departments to carry out " Month "activities, security director Wang Shiqiang comrades as office director.

At present, the group units "safe production month" activities are carried out in an orderly manner. June 9, the installation of the company’s leadership team, the units of the various departments of the ministries responsible comrades and some partners on behalf of a total of more than 110 people gathered in Jiangxi Xinyu new steel gas power project, held a "safe production month" to observe the mobilization meeting.