Group union organize the staff to attend staff sports meeting in Optics Valley park
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"I love you, Hubei construction", "I love you, Hubei construction team", "5.20" is an unusual weekend, as early as six o’clock, Hubei workers and workers to move micro-credit group in the constant brush screen .

7:30, the first arrived at the scene of the game sent a group of instructions: Optical Valley three corridor two new gymnasium. Organized by the Optical Valley Biosystems comprehensive party committee "Optical Valley Bi City 2017 sixth workers Games", held on May 20 here.

Group trade unions in accordance with the Wuhan Software Metro Enterprise Committee notice team competition.

37 people wearing uniform clothing in Hubei to build the team, as 20 teams in the ranks of the largest team, the largest team of the team.

27 riders from the group and the Huashan project department and the supervision company rode the racing car, holding a 10-piece Hubei construction of the flag around the stadium for a week, vigorous posture, vigorous vitality to win bursts of applause.

Fun sports arena, the team members of the brilliant smile, passionate leap of heroic, showing the spirit of Hubei construction staff spirit. The team member Li Wenyue became a five-game all-around athlete, her women do not let the eyebrows, in the four teams in the same team competition group stage, and 10 players work together to win the "help each other, climbing the peak, step by step" three projects Group first.

Exhibition style, dare to struggle, passionate Hubei construction staff in the game toward the glory, toward the brilliant, toward the distance.