Chairman Liu, Guanghui attends the tenth meeting of shareholders of the installation company
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March 25, the installation of the company’s tenth shareholders meeting and 2017 work will be held in the Han, the company’s party secretary, chairman Liu Guanghui, deputy secretary of the party committee Yang Shengwei, secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Lu Fengxing and other leaders attended the meeting. Install the company shareholders, departments responsible for the project manager and some of the key personnel to participate in the General Assembly.

Liu Guanghui in the speech first affirmed the development of the company over the past year the development of the results, affirmed the company has a new development, the staff of the mental state, the strength of enterprises, including performance have improved significantly, he stressed the need to install the company in 2017 Focus on doing the "five one" aspects of the work, one is to train a group of craftsmen, to select a number of post training experts, technical leaders, as the backbone of the business, to promote business forward; second is to declare a number of law, The third is to hold a race, the company to carry out a wide range of technology than the Wu, post training activities, training a skilled, excellent business team of skilled workers; the same time, Four is to build a standardized project, is to do a good job of the project department of the militarization of the management of the work of the project, the construction of a standardized project, In the dress, work and rest, work, fitness and other aspects of the introduction of militarized management. The installation company to the text of the form of a standardized site and the standardization of the project specific model. We have to do the pilot in the installation company, and in the whole group to promote. Hope to install the company in the new image, the new weather building on a breakthrough.

At the meeting, the general manager of the installation company made a speech entitled "grasp the implementation, make up the board, temper the comprehensive ability; Yong innovation, dare to play, to achieve leapfrog development" work report. Company party secretary and chairman Qin Weimin asked to install the company from top to bottom to fully implement the group of the second session of the second session of the Workers’ Congress and 2017 work conference spirit, with high morale, my courage, To complete the preparatory work.

The meeting continued discussions on the creation of "safe and civilized sites" and "cost-effective years" activities and the 2017 "Year of Capacity Enhancement" activities.