Hubei Zhongli Construction Machinery Co., Ltd successfully announced its public listing in Wuhan equity custody trading center
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In order to improve the level of corporate governance and standardize the operation and expand the visibility of enterprises and brands, May 24, in Xiangyang and Zaoyang municipal government support, Hubei Zhongli company successfully in Wuhan equity custody trading center "technology board" listing.

Zhongli business manager Zhang Haizhou on-site roadshow exchange, "innovation and development of Hubei Zhongli Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd." as the title to participate in the listing ceremony of the representatives and investment experts introduced the enterprise profile, corporate honor, enterprise products, corporate team, Enterprise customers and financing solutions.

Public interest company chairman Xie Bowen on investment experts concerned about the issue, one by one to answer. Speaking of entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking, he was passionate to explain to the representatives of the enterprise heritage and carry forward the "102 spirit", preached as the "102 spirit" as part of the three sail spirit and Sanshui innovative thinking , Causing the representatives and experts to resonate.

Xie Bowen accepted the Xiangyang radio and television, Xiangyang Evening News, Zaoyang City, a joint interview on television, the capital market, the company listed, the company with the capital market to accelerate the development of strategic direction and planning to answer the reporter's question.

On the day of listing, Xie Baowen and Hubei Jinliang Venture Capital General Manager Cheng Hao signed a letter of intent.

The company is listed as a milestone in the company's grand event, the public will give the future development of the company laid a solid foundation for the future development of the public company provides a strong driving force for the future of the public company Development provides a great stage.