SASAC director Pan, Qisheng to visit HICC for investigation and work instructions
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May 11, the provincial SASAC party secretary, director Pan Qisheng to Hubei construction investigation, held in the company’s new office building forum, listened to the company’s party secretary, chairman Liu Guanghui on the group reform and development report. Provincial SASAC Chairman of the Fourth Board of Supervisors Liu Huazhi and relevant departments responsible person to accompany research, group leaders Yang Shengwei, Lu Fengxing, Xu Hong, Guo Diming, Wen Gang to participate in the discussion.

Liu Guanghui thanked the provincial SASAC and the leadership of the Hubei construction and construction of the care and support, he said, Pan Zhuren after a very short period of time to the Hubei construction survey, reflects the SASAC leadership of Hubei construction concern and concern , So that the group cadres and workers encouraged. Liu Guanghui reported the basic situation of the Group’s reform and development over the past year, and detailed description of the Group’s qualification, capital, transformation and upgrading, and analyzed the problems existing in the Group and the development of the short board, requesting the provincial SASAC in the enterprise qualification, , Resources, institutional mechanisms, market development, project undertaking and reform transformation to give greater support to the construction of Hubei.

Pan Qisheng said, listened to the construction group reported much moved, the development of Hubei construction is not easy. He pointed out that only the state-owned enterprises will be invigorating, enterprises will become bigger and stronger, in order to solve many problems, enterprises invigorate the premise, to prevent large risks is the foundation. In the future, the SASAC will consult with the relevant departments of the province to provide coordination and service for the construction and construction of the project in Hubei, such as examination and approval, market selection, project undertaking and asset resource reorganization. He asked the Hubei construction to further accelerate the development of timely and provincial SASAC to communicate, for the relevant departments to support.   


On the morning of June 1, Pan Qisheng, secretary of the Party committee and director of the provincial SASAC, went to Xiangyang to study the work of the family members of the state-owned enterprises, "three for one industry", and visited the company’s Xiangyang office and Xiangyang National Fitness Center under construction The Group party secretary and chairman Liu Guanghui comrades reported in the township workers in the family area "three for one industry," the separation of the transfer work and investment in Xiang.

Pan Qisheng said the provincial SASAC will support Xiangyang City to speed up the settlement of state-owned enterprise workers family area "three for one industry" separation transfer work to support the provincial investment enterprises to Xiangyang investment. Subsequently, Pan Qisheng field inspection of the general contracting company national fitness center project, and the work of the Group in Xiangyang fully affirmed.